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Benefits for TESOL

TESOL has multiple benefits - it prepares the aspiring teachers to be able to connect to actual classroom teaching. TESOL is all about the techniques of teaching the skill-based tasks related to listening, reading, speaking and writing. The course itself is a comprehensive compilation of techniques and strategies that are required in day to day teaching process. The course at iTTi India, covers the lesson plans and uses techniques that are applicable at all levels of language learning and for all ages-young learners to adults. Beyond the language teaching techniques TESOL explores into the classroom management tactics and how to deal with issues related to student management. The students may be adults as well as young learners.

The course also provides an overview of grammar and phonology that are important for any teacher in an ESL Classroom. The grammar games take the boredom out of the grammar classes and bring in fun in language learning. Phonology helps in focusing the areas where pronunciation needs rectification. These are a must in any language trainers' repertoire.

The practical aspect includes in - class teaching practice that helps a trainee teacher to incorporate the skills in actual classroom. It is an invaluable experience that gives the trainee an exposure to the real world of teaching. TESOL opens a whole new world of opportunities - one can be a teacher, coach, trainer and mentor. It can take you places across the globe and gives an opportunity to change lives.

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TEFL is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and TESOL for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. These are international training programs applicable for those looking for world- class teaching/training opportunities in places around the world. The TEFL/TESOL certification is the beginning to an outstanding teaching career - a profession that not only brings job satisfaction, but also a scope to reinvent oneself as a guide and mentor. For an aspiring teacher it is an inspiring profession while those who are changing their career course mid-life, it is a far cry from the cut-throat corporate competition that saps into the core of one's life. The quality of life changes for the better, while there is still a satisfactory pay packet to lead a quantitatively good life.

Who should join TEFL/TESOL?

TEFL/TESOL is open for everyone, who is graduate in any discipline who has a passion for teaching with near-native English accuracy. TEFL/TESOL has no age barrier and is equally applicable for a fresh graduate as well as a person who has retired from active service and looking for a meaningful career option that is satisfying both monetarily as well professionally. Over the years TEFL/TESOL has attracted a group of mid-level executives who are looking for a mid-life career change that is a far cry from the cut-throat corporate competition. A person who has a passion for teaching will find that TEFL/TESOL provides an aim and vocation that is truly enriching - earning a livelihood, doing what one loves to do!

Travel the world & Inspire people with iTTi India

TEFL/TESOL is not only a license to teach, travel and inspire lives, but also provides a breakthrough for those who want a change in their careers. A TEFL/ESOL certified teacher can find jobs in schools, colleges, universities as well as in language institutes and corporate houses. With English becoming the lingua franca across the globe and ASEAN gaining grounds in the Asian continent, English as a language for communication is increasing in everyday commerce. This provides opportunities as Communicative Language Teachers and Trainers in Language Schools and in Corporate Houses as Commercial language trainers and Soft skill trainers.


TESOL is a general name for the field of teaching English and it is applicable all over the world. TEFL programs are for the countries where English is not the primary language and not spoken widely on a day to day basis- like China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Brazil and France among other countries. A TESOL certification is a must for teachers who want to teach in countries which are endorsing English as a language for commerce and communication. With English becoming globally accepted, the demand for English teachers is increasing all over the world. In this context, TESOL prepares a person to adapt to the teaching methods, teaches skills and helps to connect to the classroom scenario through lectures and practicum.

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The weekend program takes place Saturdays and Sundays (6 hours each day) and is perfect for people who are in the workforce but would like to study towards a career change.


Graduates of our onsite program receive a free online specialization course in one of the following: Teach Business English, Teach Young Learners or Teach TOEFL Test Preparation.  This additional course becomes available upon completion of the 120-Hour OnSite TEFL Certification.


Graduates of our onsite program receive a free online specialization course in one of the following: Teach Business English, Teach Young Learners or Teach TOEFL Test Preparation.  This additional course becomes available upon completion of the 120-Hour onsite TEFL Certification.